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Oct 01 2011 5 Customer Service Tips That Won’t Make You GASP!
Customer service tips

If you’re not familiar with the furor caused by Melbourne clothing retailer GASP this week, you must have been on another planet. Not only was customer Keara O’Neill?ill-treated by “retail superstar” Chris (who appears to have a history for behaving inappropriately), the response from management was equally poor. While GASP management are claiming the bad

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Feb 28 2011 When Clients Go Dead On You
Client communication and relations

Following last week’s blog on 7 Steps to Mending Broken Fences (what to do when client relations break down), one of my readers asked if I had any ideas about how to deal with a clients who had gone dead on them. Not literally (thank goodness… that’s a whole ‘nother post!), but those clients who?hadn’t?been

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