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Oct 30 2011 Emotions in Advertising – FEAR
Emotions in advertising - fear

People love all things gruesome. You?ll see them rubber-necking past road crashes (sometimes causing another while their eyes are glued to the carnage instead of the road); lapping up stories of celebrity train-wrecks (think Michael Jackson or Charlie Sheen); and shows filled with murder, abuse and crime are often rating cash-cows. Is it any wonder

Oct 01 2011 Possessive Nouns With No Apostrophe
No possessive apostrophe

In last week?s blog, I looked at Possessive Apostrophes? which should only ever be used to indicate ownership (not plurals!!) The general rule being that the apostrophe be added either before or after an ?s?, depending on whether the noun is singular or plural. That was all fairly straightforward ? even with the Joneses. But

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