A bit about me

Infographic showcasing client list of digital copywriter Anna ButlerWhen I was a little kid, nary knee-high to a grasshopper, I?dreamt?of becoming an astronaut. Or an archaeologist! As I grew older, law and psychology captured my imagination.

I guess I’ve always had an insatiable thirst for knowledge and discovery.

My nose has been pretty much buried in one book or another since I was about 4 years? old? exploring worlds ancient and fantastical, and seeking to understand the mysteries of the universe and the mind.

It?s hardly surprising, really, that I?ve ended up as a copywriter.

As a copywriter, I get to blend my love of discovery, psychology and thirst for knowledge in new and unexpected ways, each?and every day.Australian Copywriter Anna Butler

I get to discover?new concepts, industries and ideas. I get to explore the motivations and mindsets of a myriad of target markets, seeking out new ways to capture their imagination and loyalties.

Plus, I get to be my own boss? which is pretty awesome too!

But what about?you?

What’s your story?

Are?you ready to engage your audience with persuasive copy??Copy that makes them feel welcomed? copy that makes them feel understood? copy that makes them think you?re just the kind of person they should be giving their hard-earned dollars to?

Well then,?we should talk!?

Get in touch with me today to find the right words to?share your story with your audience.

Interview With A Copywriter

Over time I've been fortunate enough (and a little bit amazed) that others have asked me to share my thoughts and knowledge with them. You can some of find my blinding nuggets of insight here:

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  • So why not chat to me today about how I can help shine a spotlight on your business?

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