Professional Partners

Need a creative service to build the platform for your spanky new copy?

Copybreak is delighted to be associated with a number of professional creative services who can help take your online, print, or media project from inception to completion.

Whether you need help with:

the following service providers may be able to give your creative project the edge.


Studio Spark

It?s all in the details.

Spark is passionate about creating beautiful graphics and user-friendly websites. The Spark studio?provides web design, business branding and marketing, print design, and printing services for businesses of all sizes.

Sally Sanders is the brains and creative talent behind Studio Spark. With a diverse range of skills that extends from website design and coding, to print and business branding, Sally takes pleasure in working closely with all her clients to achieve the best possible online and design solutions to fit their business needs. She strives to build relationships with clients that last long after the project is complete.


Mark My Words?Trademark Services

Protecting your most valuable business asset.

Mark My Words Trademark Services is passionate about assisting small businesses ensure their valuable trademarks are protected. Registering your brand names and logos as trademarks is the only way to ensure your ownership of these valuable business assets.

Imagine if someone opened up shop just down the road from you under a very similar name and you couldn’t do anything about it! A registered trademark would allow you to take action against such infringing behaviour.

Mark My Words strive to provide an affordable, friendly and reliable service.


Otto Studios

Creative media solutions.

Otto Studios are based in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia, and embrace both traditional and emerging forms of media and design. We actively develop and produce a diverse range of high quality audio-visual solutions for corporate companies and the general public, with a client base across the country.

Our expertise, experience and lateral approach to video production, design and multimedia ensures the best outcome for your organisation; whether the purpose be promotional, informational or educational. When combined with our network of expert practitioners within our industry, this ensures the know-how and resources to tailor comprehensive creative solutions to the specific needs of our clients.


Bridie’s Typing Services

Typing & transcription services

When your business requires typing and audio transcription service you demand professionalism, accuracy, affordability and confidentiality. With 20 years secretarial and administration experience, I guarantee to meet each of those demands in a simple, seamless transaction from start to finish.

Choose your turnaround time ? whether it?s same day or a couple of weeks, I can accommodate your urgency and budget ? then send me your digital files, audio cassettes, handwritten notes or links to your YouTube videos. You?ll never pay a minimum charge and we never ?round up? minutes. You really do only pay for what you need … no overheads, just top quality typing and transcribing services! What?s more, I guarantee to meet the agreed deadline or the typing is free.


Brad Griffin Photography

Creating beautiful imagery.

Adelaide Hills based photographer, Brad Griffin, gained his experience shooting architectural imagery and has broadened his portfolio to cover a wide based of subject matters. Brad captures the essence of his subjects, transforming the every day into something fresh and intriguing for a sleek, professional finish to wow your audience.


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