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Writing copy for the Cancer Council SA Annual Report involved a number of key components to achieve the results they were looking for:

  • To meet the requirements for the PWC Transparency Awards, it was important to review their findings from the previous year’s report to understand how to present the content to meet key points. From here, content needed to be extracted from dozens of impact reports compiled by the various departments within Cancer Council SA.
  • It was also important to highlight the very real human face of cancer across all areas, including victims/survivors, supporters, volunteers, community and staff. This was achieved through interviewing a number of people representing these areas and transforming their stories into case studies.
  • This year’s annual report also incorporated a new approach through the use of infographics to tell part of the story, and to make the report easier to read and digest. Relevant information had to be pulled from impact reports and presented in a way which the design agency could easily translate into graphics.

Above all, the copy needed to convey the very important role Cancer Council SA play in the fight to beat cancer, and encourage those reading the report to think about how they too could make a contribution to the fight.

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