How Does it Work?

How do I work with a Copywriter?

It’s easy! Once you get in touch, the copywriting process is pretty straightforward. Here’s what you can expect.

10 Simple Steps

copywriting briefCopywriting Brief

This questionnaire helps me determine: how you want your business to be perceived, your USP (Unique Selling Position – what makes you special), who your ideal customer is, what the actual logistics of the project are, and much more.

Completing the brief with as much detail as possible means I can write the kind of copy that will really pack a punch. You can download it here.

Copywriting ProposalCopywriting Proposal

Once I have the completed brief, I can use this information to put a comprehensive proposal together for you, which will include: the Scope of Work, Projected Time-frames, Quotation, Project Authorisation, and Terms & Conditions.

Acceptance of proposalAcceptance

If you’re happy with the Proposal, you’ll need to return the Project Authorisation and pay the required deposit.

1st draft of copy1st Draft of Copy

I’ll get busy writing the first draft for your project. For larger jobs, such as websites, I’ll write a sample page to ensure you’re happy with the overall tone and style of the copy before I get started on the rest of the content.

1st client review of copy1st Client Review

This is your chance to give feedback on the first draft. ALL feedback is good (even if it’s negative!) Copywriters have thick skins, so don’t worry about hurting my feelings if you have some constructive criticisms.

This is why I allow for two rounds of revisions, to make sure you’re 100% happy with the content I write for you.

Changes to copy deckIncorporating Your Changes

Once you’ve given me your feedback, I”ll incorporate any changes in to the copy.

2nd client review2nd Client Review

You’ll again have your chance to suggest any tweaks and amendments. Be thorough with this process, as further changes will be charged after this second review.

Production of final contentProduction of the Final Copy

After any changes from the second review are included, the final copy is sent to you along with the Project Finalisation form.

Project finalisationProject Finalisation

This form requires little more than a signature and signifies your acceptance of the finished product. It also signs copyright for the copy over to you. And, if you want to, you can provide feedback on the overall process here too.

Transfer of copyrightTransfer of Copyright

During the writing process, Copybreak retains copyright over all the work produced. Once the Final Invoice has been paid and the Project Finalisation form completed, copyright transfers to you in full.

Got Questions?

If there's anything else you'd like to know about how to work with a copywriter, you can check my FAQs page, or get in touch.

Or, if you're keen to get started, you can download my Project Brief and get the ball rolling right now!

  • Terms & Conditions
    Terms & Conditions For more information about working with Copybreak Copywriting Services check out the FAQs page.
  • Project Brief
    Project Brief For a comprehensive copywriting quote, download and complete the project brief to get the ball rolling.