Frequently Asked Questions

Copywriting Explained

  • Can you protect my business name or work?

    No. These things fall under copyright ? and trademarking. My job is to write copy, which makes me a copywriter. (Don?t worry, it?s easy to confuse the two ? and most people do!)

    Copyright is the protection of intellectual property and is automatically attributed to anything you create. Should you have a copyright dispute, you would need to seek out a lawyer specialising in copyright law, but you don?t need to do anything to register copyright.

    For trademark issues, you should seek out a trademark specialist. I can recommend Jacqui Pryor of Mark My Words for any trademark concerns or questions you may have.

  • I?m still not quite sure what a copywriter can do for my business.

    A copywriter helps you communicate with your target market. Your copywriter can also help raise brand awareness and increase sales by writing compelling website content, sales brochures, newsletters, press releases, procedure manuals, or any other marketing material you need.

    A professional copywriter gives you the voice to reach your prospective customers 24/7.

  • What experience do you have as a copywriter?

    I started proofing and writing in-house copy for a graphic design agency I worked for in the mid ?90s. In 2005, I established myself as a freelance copywriter.

    My copywriting projects encompass websites, brochures, magazines, newsletter, email campaigns, press releases and any other written communication my clients have needed.

    And those clients have hailed from a diverse array of sectors, including government, property, tourism, education, finance, retail, not-for-profit, medical, construction – even primary production.

    To learn more about who I am and what my background is, check out?my profile?or view?my portfolio.

  • If you don?t have experience in my industry how can you
    write about it?

    A good copywriter should be able to write for pretty much any industry. The trick is being thorough with the project brief and research.

    Before I sit down to write a single word I?ll ask you for as much detail and supporting information as you can give me about your industry, your target audience, your main competition and what you?re trying to communicate.

    This ensures I?m familiar with the language your industry uses, the mind-set of your audience, and the unique aspects your business has to offer so your final copy hits all the right notes.

    And if I need more information along the way, I?ll be sure to get in touch with you.

  • Can you design my website or printed material?

    I’m a copywriter, not a designer. However, I work very closely with several designers, web developers and other creative specialists who can take care of any other project needs you have.

    Let me know what sort of design support you’re after and I’ll be happy to make a recommendation.

  • Why should I use a copywriter instead of writing copy myself?

    If you?re a skilled writer, you may be tempted to write your own copy, but you may not know how to research the best SEO keywords for your online communications, write a persuasive ?call to action?, or craft effective headlines which demand your reader?s attention. Without sufficient understanding of these components, your copy may read well ? but be somewhat ineffective!

    Or it may be that you simply lack the time to write great copy. After all, unless you?re already a copywriter, you?ll have other work to complete and deadlines demanding your attention.

    I can give your copy the full attention it deserves.

  • What about my privacy?

    The confidentiality of my client?s material is of utmost importance to me, which is why I will never share details of a project without your permission. In the unlikely event I?m required to involve anyone else on the project, I will inform you of this and seek your prior consent.

  • Where are you located?

    I have a generous home office based in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia, where I?ve worked on projects all around Australia and overseas. My location doesn?t affect who I work with or what projects I can take on.

The Copywriting Process

  • How long does it take you to complete a copywriting project?

    Each project has vastly different needs, so the amount of time to complete it will also vary. Usually even a small project will take at least few days to complete (see: Why it takes a week to write 1 page of copy).

    Once you?ve completed the Project Brief, I?ll be able to give you a reasonable estimate on how long your job will take, but you can find ballpark estimates for various projects on my Copywriting Rates page.

    Your ability to review the first and second drafts of the copy within a reasonable time will also impact how long the project takes. I usually allow 48 hours for you to review your drafts and return them with any edits that may be needed.

    If I?ve not received any feedback from you within 2 weeks of sending draft copies, I?ll assume you?re happy with the work and will close the project unless you?ve notified me of anticipated delays (in which case I?m quite happy to reschedule edits for your project).

  • Who owns the copyright on the work you produce?

    While I?m working on your project, I retain the copyright for all the work I do. Once you?ve made the final payment for the work, the copyright transfers to you in full. I simply ask that I can use the work in my portfolio to show other clients what projects I?ve been involved with.

    You have the right to deny that request if you wish. Simply advise me of this in writing prior to completion of the project.

Fees & Costings

  • What do you charge?

    Because each job is so different I quote on a project-by-project basis. My Copywriting Rates page provides general estimates of what various projects may cost, but should not be considered as definite.

    If you require a rush job (see: What if I need a rush job?) an additional 30% will be added to the project fee.

  • What is included in your copywriting fees?

    Fees will include everything from researching your industry, competition and target market; keyword research, SEO and custom meta data for online projects; provision of the first draft, subsequent revisions and alterations you may have (a maximum of two revisions are included free of charge in the initial quote); and any other foreseeable expenses which may be incurred in the course of writing your copy.

    Before you sign up with me, I send through a comprehensive quote outlining all the components of your project, including costs and projected timeframes.

  • Do you require a deposit?

    Yes. Generally a deposit of 50% of the quote is required before I start your project, with the balance required once you receive the full first draft. For very large projects, I may break the project into several stages with progress payments required at pre-arranged intervals (stages will be outlined before the project starts).


What Happens Next?

First I do the Happy Dance!

Then you'll need to get in touch (phone or email, whichever you prefer) to discuss your project and when it needs to be completed.

Or you can skip straight to the next step and complete my Project Brief. This is a detailed list of questions which lets me know exactly what you need to achieve, what your time-frame is, who your target audience is, what your industry is, etc. This gives me the information I need to give you a detailed quote.

If you're happy with the quote, you'll need to sign a Project Authorisation which signifies your acceptance of the project scope and Terms & Conditions.

This eliminates any confusion or misunderstanding about our mutual obligations and ensures we're both happy campers!
  • Terms & Conditions
    Terms & Conditions For more information about working with Copybreak Copywriting Services check out the FAQs page.
  • Project Brief
    Project Brief For a comprehensive copywriting quote,?download and complete the project brief to get the ball rolling.