Social Media

Social networking ? can it work for you?

So what is the fuss over social networking? Surely spilling your guts to the world on Facebook, or sharing Instagram photos of your lunch on Twitter isn?t going to generate more customers, is it?

Short answer? no.

However, using social networking for business is vastly different to using it on a personal level. Frankly, I have zero interest in sharing my personal life online ? but, having discovered how to use social media for business, I?ve gone from being a complete sceptic to an ardent convert.

Why? Because the majority of my work comes through my social networking efforts ? and if you have the right social media marketing strategies in place to suit your business, you too can increase your brand?s visibility and profit margins.

It?s not telemarketing!

We all hate telemarketers, right? They interrupt our mealtimes and seem intent on shoving their product or service down our throat ? whether we?re interested or not. It?s a major turn-off!

This is NOT the way to use social media. Why? Because it?s not social. It?s rude and uninviting.

Instead, consider social media as the new word of mouth. It?s how friends, colleagues and family share their experiences. But instead of being over the fence, or on the phone, more often than not they?re now sharing information via social networking sites.

So when you develop a social media strategy that informs, educates, includes or amuses your audience, they want to hear what you have to say. In fact, they may even look forward to what you have to say!

You have a captive audience open and responsive to your message.

The Right Strategy

Develop the right strategy for your business

If you?d like to harness the awesome power of social media for your business, the first step is to develop the right strategy for you ? and your target market.

It might be that Facebook is not the right fit for your business. Google Plus, LinkedIn, or even Pinterest may be better options.You don?t actually have to be on every single social media platform ? just the one/s that work for you and your potential customers.

Copybreak can help you determine which social networking sites may be the best fit for your business, and work with you to develop a social media strategy that resonates with your market.

To get ?social? working for you, get in touch and find out more.

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