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Apr 02 2015 The books that writers are reading
Stephen King I Love Books

All good writers love to read. According to one of modern literature’s most successful writers, Stephen King, they HAVE to read to be good at their job. So I asked a bunch of my fellow copywriters what books they were currently reading (and why). I got a fantastically diverse response and then we lost ourselves

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Feb 20 2012 10 Favourite Words
Favourite words

It’s funny how some words strike a chord. They may set your teeth on edge, or they may make you smile. Here a 10 of my favourite words. 10. Snarky – sarcastic, irritable or disrespectful behaviour This attitude seems adopted mainly by teenagers and politicians. I love that you almost have to sneer to say

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May 02 2011 Heart Facts That Could Save Your Life

December 10, 2008. It?s the morning of my 37th birthday and the plan is to get pumped full of drugs and wake up naked in a room full of strangers. Now, if I was Charlie Sheen, this might be reminiscent of pretty much any other birthday? and while I might have partied pretty hard in

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