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Apr 02 2015 The books that writers are reading
Stephen King I Love Books

All good writers love to read. According to one of modern literature’s most successful writers, Stephen King, they HAVE to read to be good at their job. So I asked a bunch of my fellow copywriters what books they were currently reading (and why). I got a fantastically diverse response and then we lost ourselves

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Nov 18 2014 #1 on Google: the elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
#1 on Google the elusive pot at the end of the rainbow

Getting your business to #1 on Google is the panacea trumpeted by hordes of spammers every day. Certainly each morning I’m greeted with a fresh slew of emails from self-professed SEO gurus heading “professional marketing companies” (who oddly lack a business name, logo, website, or any other relevant details to substantiate their claims) promising me

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