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Mar 26 2020 Hills Radio 88.9FM Interview with Copybreak
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I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to chat to Chris “Crash” Carpenter from Hills Radio 88.9FM today about how Covid-19 is affecting sole traders, whether or not current stimulus plans are of benefit, and what sole traders can do to maximise their chance of their business surviving this pandemic. The following is

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Apr 02 2015 The books that writers are reading
Stephen King I Love Books

All good writers love to read. According to one of modern literature’s most successful writers, Stephen King, they HAVE to read to be good at their job. So I asked a bunch of my fellow copywriters what books they were currently reading (and why). I got a fantastically diverse response and then we lost ourselves

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Nov 18 2014 #1 on Google: the elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
#1 on Google the elusive pot at the end of the rainbow

Getting your business to #1 on Google is the panacea trumpeted by hordes of spammers every day. Certainly each morning I’m greeted with a fresh slew of emails from self-professed SEO gurus heading “professional marketing companies” (who oddly lack a business name, logo, website, or any other relevant details to substantiate their claims) promising me

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