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Dec 13 2010 5 Online Essentials for Your Business in the New Year

It?s heading toward that time of the year where we all begin to consider the next year looming around the corner, and all the things we need to start doing for ourselves, such as exercising more, eating better, staying in touch with friends, spending more time with our families… the list goes on.

So what are some of the online essentials we need to think about to improve the health and wellbeing of our businesses as we move into the coming year? Here are 5 ways you can get the best out of your online efforts in the New Year.

1.????? Get your business on Google Places

Even if you don?t have a website (please tell me you have a website!!) you can register on Google Places so anyone looking for your kind of business in your area will find you.

More and more people are using smart mobile devices to find businesses while they?re on the go, so make sure you don?t get overlooked.

2.????? Get on board with social media

It?s no longer the domain of gossipy teenagers and Brittany Spears tragics. Social media is shaping up to be one of the biggest revolutions in the way we conduct business and if you?re not part of it, you risk getting left behind.

It has been confirmed by both?Google and Bing that social media has a direct influence on SEO rankings.

Still not convinced? According to this article one bad review on social media may cost you up to 30 customers!

Social media is here, and it?s here to stay, so make sure your business is using it to its full advantage.

3.????? Give your website a facelift

About a year ago, I thought I?d see what was new on the website of a company I?d worked for back in 2000. I was absolutely gob-smacked to see that their site hadn?t changed in almost a decade!

Not only is this DULL, DULL, DULL, but if your website content is outdated and stuck in the late ’90s people may be forgiven for thinking that’s not the only thing about your company that’s stale and outdated.

I?m pleased to say, however, that the aforementioned company has since given their site a long over-due, and very exciting facelift.

4.????? Get blogging

One of the best ways to add fresh content to your website is with a regular blog. It also shows your customers you?ve got your finger on the pulse and know your stuff ? bonus credibility for you!

You can also feed your blogs through your social media networks to keep them fresh and interesting, attracting more people to your business.

5.????? Keep your eye on the game

Once you?re out there and involved with your online community, hopefully people will start talking about you. So how can you find out who?s saying what?

Two great tools to track comments are Tweet Beep and Google Alerts, which will send email alerts whenever your chosen keywords are posted somewhere – and there are many more great tools out there for you to use.

Of course, there?s always going to be something new just around the corner, but these tips should help keep you on the front foot.

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