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Sep 25 2011 Possessive Apostrophes ? Getting Them Right.
How to use a possessive apostrophe

One of the more confusing aspects of the English language seems to be the Possessive Apostrophe. That little bitty mark which indicates ownership. Of course, if the rules were consistent, I?m sure it would be so much easier, but as always there are exceptions and quirks to be aware of. Let?s take a look at

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Aug 22 2011 Using Quotation Marks “Correctly”
Using quotation marks correctly

Which?I’ve?failed to do in my title ? but it seems there’s an increasing trend for incorrectly?using quotation marks to emphasise words. ? Of course, the most obvious use of quotation marks is to encapsulate speech within text, for example: ? A chicken walks into a bar; the bartender says ?We don?t serve poultry.? ?That?s OK?,

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